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Was this portland?

It was. Before the apocalypse. Now its simply known as Hipster Ironica. 

A word about model releases.


Model releases are essentially designed to only protect the photographer. Once a model signs it, she gives away most of her rights in terms of images and such, even if the images are on a “trade” basis (which is another thing I may talk about another time since 98% of the time such trades do not…

You should always read the release, work with people who you believe aren’t shady, and if you want to change anything in a release request changes or submit your own version. Most photographers won’t waste their time taking photos of you until you sign it because photographers are putting their time and effort into the session just like a model is. Models are often flaky and unpredictable so if you actually take the time to negotiate the release it shows you’re serious. 

NDIGO on Flickr.

He is saying on Flickr.

Love poems on a burned down warehouse wall. 

Skate or Die on Flickr.

203 on Flickr.

This weekend: 


Swampy on Flickr.


“ I’m not here to avoid things that are uncomfortable or that I disagree with. I am not here to avoid racism or sexism. I think already our daily interactions are way too tailored to our comfort level. This never provides us with opportunities to learn or grow. It is one of the things about social media and modern society that deeply saddens me. The policies and filters created by the intolerance of things that offend us are usually worse than the thing we were offended by in the first place. ”

—    Tolerance goes both ways. I realize this will mostly fall on deaf ears here because tumblr is full of 20 year olds with too much passion and not enough critical thinking.